Ultimate Prevention!

20 Years of Experience, for 400 Companies.

Indonesia Fuji Staff Group is a consulting company that connects people, specializing in Personnel and General Affairs.
Fuji Staff Indonesia offers our Consultation Room service “Soudanshitsu” to assist in problems prevention in your company. We had assisted around 400 Japanese companies in Indonesia during our 20 years of experience!
Our trusted, well-experienced consultants are always ready to offer you assistance in labor-related matter, company establishments, and business licensing.


Fuji Staff will utilize the track record of corporate management support in Indonesia to support client's business development in Indonesia from various aspects.
We can propose various types of support for personnel, labor, licensing, and administrative procedures, so please feel free to contact us.

"Fuji Staff will bring the client's vision to life together and aim to be a true business partner trusted by the client."

Field of Consultation

Agreement / Company Regulation / CLA

Draw Up and review document related to labor matter and all legal documents related to business activities.

Industrial Relations

Union related, negotiations method, Layoff matter, Employee efficiency Lawyer support (Man Power Office, Labor Court, Police, Immigration)

Company Establishment

Terms regarding Establishment, Shareholders, AOA, Foreign Shares, etc.

Business License

OSS-RBA related, KBLI Adjustment, Import Permit, Business Entity Certificate (SBU) Related, Annual Report (WL, LKPM, SILAPTA), etc.

Construction License

Technical Consideration For Land Affairs, Building Approval Permit (PBG), Certificate of Right to Build (SHGB), Environment Monitoring Plan (RPL/RKL) related, Warehouse Registration, Certificate of Feasible Function (SLF), Certificate of Feasible Operation (SLO)


Document Assessment, Whistleblowing System, Compliance Risk Management


100% foreign investment business, negative list, etc.100% foreign investment business, negative list, etc.


Minimum Wages, Structure and Scale Wages, Allowances, Calculations and Payments, Overtime Pay, etc.

BPJS (Labor and Social Security System)

Social Security Outside Working Hours, Membership Fee Payment, Join Procedures, Obligation for Foreign Workers, etc.

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